Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not Much Going On...

I haven't been doing a lot of sewing--transition from desert to beach, visits from kids and grands, and a new dog have kept me busy!  We always escape the desert heat for the summer, and we always have wonderful time with the kids, but a new dog has been a wonderful responsibility that does require time and patience.

We lost our precious Brandy on May 26 and decided to wait a while before getting another pet.  We are mostly retired and do a good deal of traveling and running around.  BUT, the emptiness of the house when we came home to no furry friend was really difficult and we found our little Bear via Craigslist of all places.  He was in need of a new home--his family was moving out of state and was not allowed to bring pets to their new home.  Sad for all.  He is a year old mostly poodle mix.  When we got him he was a matted mess.  He was scared to death and DH was ready to give him back after the first day.  We didn't.  He got his shots updated, a very close grooming, and lots of time and attention. 

So, I am now, a month later, looking at possible sewing projects!  Bear is asleep in his bed and adjusting to be a happy little dog.  He has begun obedience training and we are all learning!  Now I have some free time to sew up some easy shirts and a few DGD items.

"I'll be back..."