Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Girl, Another Dress!

Here is the dress that started the idea for elastic gathered dresses. This one is for my oldest grandchild--who will be 12 in two weeks! YIKES! This dress is from JA fabric, 29inches long and 26 inches around. The neck tie is pinned on because she did not request any ties--it is a "just in case" addition. I got a new-to-me serger for the beach and played with the rolled hem feature for the tie as well as the hem of the dress. I'm a bit concerned about shrinkage in this gauzy fabric when it's washed. Another fun and easy project!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Easy Project!

Here's a little dress I made in about 30 min for my DGD. It is pre gathered fabric from JoAnns--I bought 25 inches for this dress. The major sewing is one seam, a hem, and tie straps. The straps were made from the 5 inches I cut off of the length of the dress. I will send it to my DGD and hope she enjoys wearing it for summer activities.

Just a short note--today is my dad's 92nd birthday! He is doing OK. Some days are better than others, but he will join us on Sunday at a family lunch celebration at my sister's house.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Burda Bloomers

Here are the bloomers/shorts I made to go under the (previous entry) giraffe dress for DGD. I had a heck of a time with the pockets and had just about decided the shorts weren't worth the aggravation. Then, after I posted a question on the Burda English list at yahoo, Sigrid gave me an excellent idea and the pockets were a snap to attach. Sigrid suggested I use a bias or piping trim around the edge of the pockets, gather the pocket fullness to this strip, then stitch in the ditch to attach the pockets to the front of the garment. Wonderful!!! I got the rest of the Burda directions and finished the shorts. I will give them to DGD tomorrow to wear under her dress--or with a tshirt for play.
These bloomers are size 104 from BWOF 3/2008--I think they are style number 132.

What a great thing it is to find new friends in the internet blogosphere! It is incredible that my assistance came from the Netherlands. Thanks so much, Sigrid!

Monday, June 16, 2008

RTW Knockoff

Here is a shameless copy of a dress I saw in the window of a children's clothing store. Mine is a simple sundress with the embroidery design. The original dress had more details, but I think this one is cute and hope my DGD likes it! Yippee, I'm sewing!

This is #144 from BWOF 07/2006 in a size 104. Fabric from M&L Fabrics in Westminster, CA. Just finished tonight. (Well, it needs 4 buttons on the back, but that requires a trip to JA's tomorrow. ) I did the buttonholes on my Bernina 1630 and am very pleased with the results.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Block? Fear?

I am currently trying to get through my sewing reluctance, loss of mojo, fear of failure, whatever! I have traced patterns and cut out the fabric...then moved on to another project so I don't have to go through the disappointment of a garment that doesn't fit, I don't like, isn't what I had imagined, etc. Ugh.

We are at our beach condo for the rest of the summer. I have duplicate machines here, so it isn't as if I don't have the equipment I need to get the sewing done. Currently cut out but not sewn:

NE pants--black stretch twill

white blouse--Mc Calls

olive jeans--Ottobre women

I am really interested in getting these items made--hopeful that they may be a potential TNT pattern.

For a long time--maybe 5-7 years--I told DH that my hobby was not sewing, rather it was collecting fabric and patterns. He was OK with that--I'm not a wasteful person and this little obsession was not putting us in debt. Then I started sewing again. Grand kids, me, even DH. I went to a Pati Palmer workshop in Portland for a week--learned a lot and made 2 pairs of pants. My job became very demanding, no time to sew, etc. My mom had been my example and I loved to share sewing magazines and ideas with her. Unfortunately, Mom lost a tough battle with congestive heart failure in the fall of 2006. I lost my beloved Mom and my only sewing buddy. Then retirement! I had time to sew and to take better care of myself. To my surprise, I was finally able to lose weight and now I am not certain what will fit and what won't. Gotta jump in and try!

Hopefully, my next entry will have photos of one of the above garments in its final form!

Happy sewing to everyone!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally Photos!

Finally--here are the photos of the latest projects--one not quite finished.

Sandra Betzina Vogue pattern for turquise top with bolero collar. I made a size C using some relatively stretchy fabric from the stash. I made the size according to measurements, but then read reviews on PR and found that the top runs small. Hmmm. I went back and serged the seams with a 3/8 inch SA instead of the 5/8 I'd originally done. The added inch made a big difference and I now like the fit.

Not made to go with, but they do mix and match OK, are some LH Europeans made from a stretch woven I got from Anne at NeedleNook. I like them--a bit more causal than most pants I've made lately and that is OK!!!

Next, a jacket made from a linen/rayon blend purchased at JA. It's a McCall's pattern 5477. I made a 14 based on measurements, and it is too big through the shoulders and chest--not the bust, but the upper chest. So, I will finish it (need to tack down lining and hem the sleeves. I'm using a snap for closure and sewing a button on for looks) and probably wear it. Not as excited about the finished product as I was the prospect of the jacket. Oh well.
Finally, matching "cheese" shirts for Grandma and Grandpa. We are going to visit our 9 YO grandson and wanted to greet him wearing copies of the famous cheese shirts!
No sewing for a while as we'll be out of town.